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The Rundown!
by dj_maikoshindou (dj_maikoshindou)
at July 24th, 2006 (11:47 pm)
current mood: perky
current song: I Wanna Go To A Place... - Rie Fu


And welcome to the transplanted Gravitation RPG!

I am Maiko Shindou, and I'll be informing/updating all of you as to the events that have just recently transpired.  Helping me out with this is Ryuichi Sakuma!

Na-no-da! ^_^

Ah, hello Sakuma-san!

Ohayo, Maiko-chan!  Kumagoro says hello to all!

Sakuma-san has volunteered to draw some parts of what happened for us!

*waves crayons about*  Hurray!

^_^ Okay, let's get started...


Because of a rather mean trick that Yuki-san played on his brother Tatsuha-san on his birthday, Tatsuha challenged Yuki to a kendo match.  When Mister K heard about it, he invited the whole press corps and Yuki-san's fanclub to watch.  Of course, nii-san cheered Yuki-san on... with a pink and black cheerleader's outfit.  (sweatdrop). 

*turns to Sakuma-san*

Although I preferred your Kumagorou outfit, Sakuma-san ^_^

Arigatou, Maiko-chan!  *waves Kumagorou about*

Almost everyone was there.  It almost looked like Yuki-san was going to win, but... I still can't explain it...   *sighs*  Oh, and I was rushing to get inside that I fell and twisted my ankle.  It was a good thing Suguru was also there.  He accompanied me outside and to the Hospital right after the match.  I heard from Suguru the next day that Nii-san and Sakuma-san gave an impromptu concert. 

Ne, Maiko-chan, why is your face so red?

A...ah!  N,nnnothing, Sakuma-san... Eeto...


Hmm... what was next... Valentine's Day passed with no incident, at least on my part.  boo.   Ah, Met Yuki-san in one of those cute maid cafes...  oops.  *coughs again*

Aah!  *turns to Ryuichi*  you celebrated your birthday!

*beams*  hai!  Tat-chan took me out to lunch!  I was wearing my bunny suit!

*sparkles* KA-WA-II!!!

Of course, a lot of girls followed us because of it, and Tat-chan got so mad that he threw a sake cup at them.  Calling the police didn't help.  It was only after I ditched the bunny suit that they finally left us alone.


After that he took me to this interesting store where everything was all black leather and spandex with those silver chains and small spikes...

0_o ah, Sakuma-san...

... and he bought me that suit!  Only it didn't look like a suit because it was all chains and stuff...

Sa, sa, sa, Sakuma-san!!!

Eh, what is it, Maiko?

Tha-that's pretty good, Sakuma-san!  *sweatdrops*


Okay, moving on...



Maa, maa Maiko-chan...

I guess Hiro-kun was still pissed at Yuki-san for that stunt he pulled on Ayaka during the summer.  But... KISSING, LICKING AND DRY-HUMPING MY BROTHER ONSTAGE DURING A CONCERT IS NOT THE ANSWER!!! oh granted the zillion fangirls in the audience screamed the roof off, BUT!!!

Ne, Maiko-chan, I thought what Hiro pulled off was fun!

Aah, Sakuma-san... (sweatdrops)


Anyway, that was the latest things that happened before our (hopefully)momentous move here to lj.  Is Yuki-san planning something horrid for Hiro-kun?  When will Suguru call?  Please stay tuned to find out as our group goes to Kyoto for the Gion Matsuri festival! ^_^

OOC:  Eep!  Me and Ryu-chan would like to apologize for the lack of illustration.  We'll post it as soon as Ryu-chan finishes!  Soon!  ^_^