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by Noriko (dj_noriko_ukai)
at July 20th, 2006 (01:59 pm)

I didn't get to see Mika or the twins the other day because, firstly, I was too busy, and secondly, as I've just heard about, there was some kind of other thing going on. Which I was fine with, 'cause Saki's got a whole bunch of stuff - can you believe, she'll be nine this year? It's really unbelievable. It feels like yesterday that she was making chocolate chip cookies for Kumagoro, destroying the kitchen in the process.... Oh right that WAS yesterday. Damn kids, you gotta love 'em no matter what they do. Mika, I hope you're ready for it, 'cause those twins are going to be a handful when they're older. [Not that Saki's all grown up, but~ huh.]

I was thinking of getting a cat. Some kind of ... well, animal, to feel more homey. I didn't have on before 'cause the ex's allergic, and Saki was a bit young. But, a cat would be nice, or maybe a dog. A dog's a bit much though. Can you imagine something so hyper it needed all of your attention 100 percent of the time, doing outrageous things just to be noticed? I'm not sure I'm ready to have that type of ongoing situation yet, so I think a cat or maybe a fish, but fish are boring. So a cat then. Hmm. One of those tan and brown ones? The kind that likes to sleep all day in the window? Sounds good.